It was the year 2010 when a group of four like-minded and passionate friends with exceptional commitment for volunteerism gathered their strengths to help deserving and talented students hailing from their region in continuing their further studies. This small step ultimately became the basis for the development of My Education Foundation (MEF). In 2011, MEF extended its scholarship programs to district Ghizer with funding from board of trustees. MEF set out to provide an environment where children would benefit from good schools through an integrated and unified approach of providing quality education through scholarships. In 2013, MEF launched small interest- free loan schemes for students in order to ensure continuity in education of students with economically less privileged background. Since then, MEF continues to work with communities providing them with skills to manage their own affairs and be able to take maximum benefit from the support of MEF. In 2014, MEF extended its scope of engagement by developing two fully equipped community libraries containing more than 4000 books. The library in the Gitch valley of district Ghizer is first and largest community library in district Ghizer.