My Education Foundation (MEF) is a not-for-profit organization working in the area of educational change including school improvement, access to quality education and community motivation and participation predominantly in some less privileged areas across Pakistan. However, like many other social issues, educational change is a highly complex enterprise, requiring parallel intervention in some areas, which in the first glance does not seem to be directly linked to educational change and access of children to quality education. Therefore, MEF believes that sensitization, motivation and capacity building of the community is an important step inherently linked to improvement in quality of education. It is this belief due to which MEF planned interventions in many areas to help people in building capacity for improvement in their life standards.

In order to meet its goal, MEF works in collaboration with other organizations in some selected areas of human development including education, skill development and public awareness programs.

MEF believes that even a small step in the right direction may have a long lasting and multiplier effect in the longer run. Its intervention for building village level libraries and their effective utilization is one such example where many young boys and girls develop exceptional reading skills. These reading activities help in mitigating the involvement of youth in social evils, and more importantly in developing a life skill which helps them in getting admission in schools of national standing.

Similarly, MEF helps people in continuing the education of their siblings and in partially financing their medical expenses. This helps in getting them out of the swamp of troubles and look towards future with hope for a better and prosperous life.

In order to run its projects, MEF meets its financial needs by funding from its members, donations and collaboration with other organizations which are working to achieve similar goals.