Library Project





Our participant-parents were less affluent and generally poor, so they were not having financial capacity, motivation and orientation to help their children in developing strong reading habits. So, the parents were not capable of meeting all the expenses in providing reading materials to enhance learning habits of their children. Keeping in view the above mentioned context, MEF established a relatively well-equipped library in the Gitch valley of District Ghizer in the Gilgit-Baltistan region.



  1. To develop strong reading skills among the school children.
  2. To engage youth in a healthy activity, refraining them from their involvement in social evils including substance abuse.
  3. To build capacity of the target community by engage and giving it ownership of the development activities


Beneficiaries and Outcomes

  • Students and parents have learned to effectively use library.
  • The library has become a platform where the parents and students help each other in improving reading culture.
  • The motivation of those students for learning has increased, who frequently use library facility.
  • Due to their capacity building, children are much more confident in expressing their academic capabilities.
  • Newspapers like K2, DAWN and AUSAF are delivered on a daily basis for the first time in the history of the locality.
  • At an average, 70 students and parents are benefiting from this platform every day