CEO’s Message

Niat Jan:


All the efforts and activities of My Education Foundation (MEF) are hinged on the belief that civil society has a great role to play in strengthening a vibrant and plural society in Pakistan. Therefore, MEF believes that by putting its efforts in improving access and quality of education, it is playing an important role in transforming the society at large.

But due to complex variables inherent to a society in general, there is no cookbook recipe for creating a modern, healthy and plural society. Above all, in a rapidly changing world, the problems faced by developing societies are not only complex but intertwined, making it hard to formulate piecemeal solutions. Therefore, the 21st century civil society institutes have to be creative in finding solutions in a rapidly transforming world.

Therefore, MEF envisages its role in finding creative solutions to multifarious problems prevailing in the target communities in order to address the core issue, i.e. to improve the quality of education of imparted to young generation. Due to this background, MEF is serving in the areas of enterprise development, capacity building of youth, skill development and in many areas related to educational development.

Although our initial steps to achieve our core purpose are very small, nevertheless these interventions are very successful in terms of the achievement of broader goals.

These initial steps like Library Initiative has helped us in learning the dynamics of community mobilization and motivation. The children utilizing the facility learnt strong reading skills helping them in getting admission in quality schools qualifying the admission tests. But as a fringe benefit, the library engaged community and youth, reducing their chances of involvement in social evils like substance abuse.

So, we realized that doing fewer things deeply involving the community and gradually and carefully evolving it is the most effective way of taking development initiatives. We feel that there is a long way to go before we will have a strong impact on a mass scale on the economically less privileged segments of our society, but with careful and diligent initiatives, we hope to continue progressing and bring a tangible change in the quality of schools and student learning at the mass scale in the long run.

It is this hope which provides the impetus for the existence and endeavors of My Education Foundation.

Niat Jan

Chief Executive Officer